You’re not adopted! Stop lying! 

You’re lying… 

You look just like your father… 

You are your grandmothers twin, someone has got to be lying to you…

Nikki stop telling people these lies, I’m telling my mommy on you…

Sounds like a fun life right? Well that’s been my life for the past 29 years. I’ve been told that I was lying about being adopted since I was 7 years when I told my best friend I was adopted. She insisted I was lying and went home and told her mother I was telling this lie. Her mother then called my mother and told her I was spreading lies saying I was adopted. I wish I could’ve been a fly on the wall and seen her face when my mother said “well she is not lying and she is adopted.” Imagine that, you were wrong! That hurt a bit. My own best friend didn’t believe me! Little did I know that was only the beginning of it all. 

Yes, I actually do resemble my dads side of the family. My nana was a tiny lady, I’m a tiny lady. My dad has full lips and so do I. We’re a similar complexion as well. A lot of people look alike and don’t have a single line of the same DNA in their bloodstream. It happens all the time. Like the saying goes “all black people look alike”. 

When someone tells you they are adopted you don’t get to decide they are lying about it because of your own reasoning. You simply say something such as ‘oh I didn’t know that’ or ‘that’s pretty interesting’. NEVER, EVER say ‘no you’re not’. Unless you were there and you know for an absolute fact that it is impossible, you know nothing.  

My name is Nikki, I am adopted and I promise you, I’m not lying about it.   


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