Missing puzzle pieces

No matter what you think, there’s still a piece of your life that is missing… even if you say my family is everything I need. There is still a piece of you missing.



an instance of two or more people coming together again after a period of separation.”she had a tearful reunion with her parents”

That’s the first definition that comes up on google. “Two or more people coming together after a period of separation.” 20 years to be exact. It was a bittersweet reunion…the day I met my birth mother. 

Meeting my birth mother was something I dreamed of my entire life. At some points I never thought it was going to happen. When I first found her I wrote her a letter and I got no response. We met, almost a year after I found her, at Legal Seafoods. It was very similar to a movie scene! Tears, sobbing, all types of feelings. The anxiety and butterflies in my stomach were making me sick but the moment I saw her they all went away. She stood up from her chair and hugged me and we cried. And cried and cried and cried. One of the most emotional moments in my life. She was there in the flesh, in my arms, right in front of my face. My mother.

When I saw her I realized I actually had seen her before. 

I was with my boyfriend Jauron (#LoveOfMyLife) at Macy’s. We were walking on the first floor and we saw this lady with her back to us. He said “hey babe look. That’s what your butt is going to look like when you get older!” We laughed and I said oh please whatever My butt is NOT that big. 
We got a little closer to her and she stopped talking to a lady and she turned around and said “can I help you?” I immediately froze. My boyfriend said no we’re ok thank you. I kept looking at her. It was like looking in a mirror. Looking at my 40 year old self. Same haircut. Same eyes. Same body. She even had glasses just like me. She said “ok let us know if you need anything” and walked away. 
I looked at him and said “that’s my mother”. He was extremely confused and said I thought you said she was at work. I said no, no, no, no I mean my birth mother. To this day I’ll always love him for that moment. If it wasn’t for him talking about my big butt I wouldn’t have seen her that day. 😁
I had this feeling come over me and I didn’t know what it was. I knew it was her… I felt it deep in my heart. The best way for me to describe it is that it’s like a newborn baby crying and then once she’s put into her mothers arms she’s calm. A newborn baby can’t see who it is yet but she knows it. She can feel it. 

There are some people who will never get to experience that because of legal reasons…
Closed adoptions.

Dumb laws.

Age restrictions.
I was fortunate enough to have that experience. It may not have been when I wanted it to be but it happened. 
I hope one day others will be able to add that missing piece of the puzzle.


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